Global Emergency Warning Platform

Tsunamis happen. So do earthquakes, fires, floods, tornados, hurricanes… you get the picture. The ubAlert mobile app can give you alerts and warnings if you or your family are in harm’s way. It combines verified government data feeds with crowd-sourced input so you know what’s happening in the event of a disaster, wherever you happen to be.

After helplessly watching mega-disasters like the Japan Tsunami claim tens of thousands of lives, and man-made events such as terror attacks that continue to affect innocent people, we decided to use our resources to empower people to help save lives in emergency situations.

We created a global emergency warning platform that validates the reliability of incoming reports and alerts those who may be affected immediately. This platform is replicable and scalable, and can be applied to different applications and verticals where immediate visualization of near-realtime events is needed.

UB alert 1

UB alert 2

UB alert 3

UB alert 4

UB alert 5